13 things you’ll only know if you work in a nursery or pre-school

November 22, 2019 1:53 pm
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If you are fortunate enough to work in a nursery or early years setting you will have accumulated a sense of what your day will bring you. For one thing, you will never be twiddling your thumbs, bored. No. no. no. Those little kids will keep you on your toes!

There is never a dull moment inside the castle of a nursery or pre-school. One moment it is bliss – all kids are playing delightfully; no tantrums or squabbles in sight. Then, out of the blue, you smell ‘that’ smell. The first poo of the day has happened and many more will soon follow.

Here are a few things you may relate to whilst working in a nursery:

1) A food or snack break seems to happen every 5 minutes.
Just as you clear away the mid-morning snack, you feel as though you are setting up for lunch.

2) ‘That’ smell.
You know it. You are playing in the sand with one of the kids and suddenly an almighty whiff arrives. You know the drill.

3) Did that child really just say that?
Some words or sentences the kids say may be very naughty, but then again, we may have just completely misheard them.

4) Wanting the parent to hurry and leave the building.
Drop-off time is busier than the M25, so please leave. Little A has just snatched the dinosaur from Little B. Only joking, but you get the picture.

5) Telling the parent that their child had fish fingers and peas for lunch, and they pretend to be so excited…
Their kid had it for tea last night at home…

6) The crazy nappy changing area is busier, smellier and messier than the aftermath of Glastonbury.
One after the other. Like a conveyor belt of kids and nappies.

7) Some of the ‘naughty’ behaviour from the kids is funny but you can’t show them this.
You know the situations, when Little A is being a little mischievous so-and-so, you deal with it, but deep down you are laughing.

8) The scarily realistic American accents these kids seem to have.
Not just when they sing, but when they talk. Wow. Were they raised in Kentucky?

9) Dreaming of your lunch whilst trying to get the toddlers to sleep.
You are starving hungry and Little A refuses to go to sleep. That Coronation chicken sandwich seems hours away.

10) The Picasso’s standard paintings.
Great standard.

11) The sheer mess on the floor after lunch or tea resembles a landfill site.
Beans, bread, water, milk, half-eaten fish fingers, peas. But they didn’t even have peas for lunch.

12) Finding it funny that most conversations with the parents tend to be about poo, wee or food and drink intake.
It is so easy to talk to them. And very relevant.

13) The sheer joy when the kids shout your name or run up to you when they see you.
A fantastic moment for childcare practitioners when it all feels worth it.

Do you work in a nursery? Anything to add to this list? Share it with us on our Facebook page.

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