Six Ways To Beat The Heat!

July 28, 2022 1:36 pm
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Here are six activity ideas that will help you to beat the heat!

Wet Potato

We’ve all played the silly game of Hot Potato but this fun and watery twist helps children to stay cool during the hot summer days. Fill a water balloon up with cold water and then make a tiny pinprick in the balloon with a cocktail stick or needle. This should make a small and steady leak in the balloon that will spray water all over the players. Gather in a circle and pass the balloon around (just like in Hot Potato) until the water in the balloon runs out, at the end, the children will be wet and having fun.

Tin Foil River

For those young, budding sailors out there, why not make a mini boating river outside? Using just tinfoil, roll the foil out into a long rectangular shape and gently push the centre in and curve the sides up, to create some depth to the river. Then just add water! Trickle some water down the tinfoil with a hosepipe to get the river flowing. For added craftiness, get your kids to construct boats out of yoghurt pots and lollipop sticks and after a touch of decorating, set them off sailing down your tin foil river. For those with a competitive streak, have boat races to see whose miniature ship can make it down the river the fastest.

DIY Slip and Slide

We’ve all longed for our very own waterslide on those gloriously sunny days, kids especially. So why not make your own? All you need is a large, rectangular plastic sheet or tarp, some tent pegs (or something else to attach the sheet to the ground), and some water. Roll out the plastic and fasten it to the ground. Use a hose pipe if possible, or simply buckets of water to get the water slide going. Add some washing up liquid for extra added slipperiness and watch your kids slip and slide with delight.

Giant Bubbles

The magic of bubbles enchants children of all ages, so take it one step further and captivate them further with giant bubbles! Fill a paddling pool with water (or even an extra-large tray) and then pour washing up liquid around the edge. Use roughly an entire bottle (or maybe more) for extra bubbly fun. Taking a hula hoop that fits in the paddling pool, submerge it into the foamy water and then lift. This will create amazing, spellbinding bubbles. For added fun, why not have someone stand in the hula hoop before lifting it over them to encase them in the swirly, bubbly magic.

Squirt Gun Art

For a more creative approach to summer fun, why not have your kids create their very own piece of artwork outside? Diluting a selection of fun coloured paints with a few drops of water, fill up some cheap water guns, each one with a different colour. Make sure you use washable and child-friendly paints to avoid any stains! Get your kids to squirt various colours on a canvas to create a swirly, multi-coloured piece of art.

Fruit Smoothies and Lollipops

A fun activity with an added nutritional punch, making ice cold smoothies or ice pops with your children is a fun and healthy way to make great summer snacks that can be used as an alternative to sugary ice creams and cold fizzy pop. Add their favourite fruits, some juice and a few ice cubes into a blender and whizz up some deliciously nutritious creations. Go crazy with different combinations of fruits and juices and get the kids to taste test and rate the tasty creations. For extra chill, freeze the smoothie mixture in ice lolly moulds to eat later. Yummy!

These games are just scratching the surface of what you can do with a little time and creativity throughout these warm weeks. So give your kids a fun-filled summer whilst keeping them happy and cool! Hopefully, these ideas have helped to inspire you to try out some of these entertaining activities and I hope you have bucket loads of fun playing them this summer. See our article ‘Keeping Children Safe in the Sun’ for some sun safety tips.

Have fun playing!