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I started Nursery Resources back in 2011 when I realised that a lot of childcare settings were wasting a lot of time faffing around with sub-standard resources that they had printed themselves on expensive paper and expensive ink.

I quickly figured out that professionally designed and printed resources could save EYFS settings a lot of time and money. So I approached my manager with the idea, and she loved it!

Laura on her wedding day.

We then set off on an incredible journey which has led us to where we are today. We created a website with hundreds of free and paid for EYFS resources, from daily communication diaries, record forms, medical pads, learning journeys and other documents with the sole purpose of reducing time spent printing and completing paperwork and preventing numerous sheets of loose paper being lost.

But what I’m most proud of is the family of nurseries, playgroups, preschools, and childminders we have built. (You keep us going every day with your kind words and fantastic ideas for new resources. Thank you!)

So, here we are, six years later! In that time we’ve become part of the National Day Nurseries Association supplier listing, saved thousands of EYFS practitioners time and money with our resources, and had a fantastic time doing so!  (I’ve also had three children, got married, and moved house!) But I am still dedicated to achieving the goals that led to me beginning Nursery Resources back in 2011!

I am passionate about giving you back your time and saving you money by providing outstanding printed resources that simplify your record keeping and cost less than if you had printed them yourself.

Laura Conneely

Nursery Resources Manager

P.S. I’m always looking at creating new resources to help settings like yours. If you can think of anything that you would benefit from being professionally designed and printed, let me know! If we turn your idea into a resource, I’ll send you a free printed copy!

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