Here's an easy way to deliver Age 2 Progress Check feedback to parents

Here's An Easy Way To Deliver Age 2 Progress Check Feedback To Parents 

If you're a childminder or run a nursery, you'll know there is a new statutory requirement for all children attending a childcare setting to receive a written progress check sometime between their second and third birthday.

Whilst there are numerous benefits to this additional reporting requirement, the process can increase the administrative workload at your setting, especially if you need to invest the time to create a suitable template.

Introducing a potential solution

To help, Nursery Resources have created a comprehensive Age Two Progress Check template.

The template is professionally printed and costs just £2.15 each. What's more, the template could save you time, reduce your printing costs and enhance your reputation with parents.

Let me explain...

1.  The Parents' Guide simplifies the communication process

Many parents may be unfamiliar with the background of the Progress Check. Which could mean spending a lot of time explaining what it's for, answering common questions or writing your own explanatory letter.

The template helps to avoid this additional work by providing a plain speaking parent's guide summarised on just one side of A4 that you can use to:

  • Explain the background and benefits of the check


  • Outline how a child is assessed


  • List the areas a child will be assessed against


2. We've created the template so you don't have to

Templates are ideal for standardising the reporting process and ensuring all keyworkers present feedback in the same format.

The problem is that creating a new template can take time. Our template contains 6 template pages with plenty of room for handwritten notes. It covers the three core EYFS areas:>

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development>


  • Physical Development>


  • Communication and Language


In addition, the template includes space to set targets, reflect on a child's unique personality and record individual achievements.

3.  What's more, it's customisable

For a small additional fee, the template can be customised to include your nursery's name, logo, contact details and any other additional information. What's more, the front cover even has a space for a child's photo. It means that as well as meeting the requirements of the Age 2 Progress Check, you'll be able to provide parents with a high quality document that highlights the professionalism of your setting.

4. It helps you involve and engage parents

One of the benefits of the Progress Check is the opportunity to involve and engage parents in their child's learning journey. To capitalise on this our template includes a detailed parental feedback form where they can record what a child is doing at home along with a comment about the check itself.

5. You could save valuable time and money

If you are currently printing templates yourself, you could find it's more cost effective and time efficient to handover the work to us. That's because in addition to creating quality nursery resources, we're also an established professional printer. And because we print in bulk, our per unit cost is less.

Simply place an order and you'll receive beautifully printed, professional documents direct to your childcare setting ready to use. It's something else you don't need to think about.

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