The New Car Seat Laws: What You Need to Know

UK car seat laws have recently been changed to reflect ongoing concerns about backless booster car seats. 

Current legislation dictates that children as young as three (or 15kg) can use one, however from December 2016 if a child measures under 125cm or weighs under 22kg, they will not be allowed to travel in a backless booster car seat.

This amendment to current car seat laws is a reaction to ongoing pressure from safety experts, who have deemed backless boosters as unsafe. Statistics show that 25% of car accidents occur with a side impact, and with backless booster car seats offering no protection from the side at all, it's clear to see why these changes to children's car seat laws have been introduced.

This may be a concern to many parents who are currently using backless booster car seats, however the new legislation only affects new booster car seats coming onto the market and purchased this year.

It is advised amongst parents who already own booster car seats that they can still be used, however it is highly recommended that they are replaced to make sure children have the best protection possible in the event of an accident.

Experts recommend that the safest booster car seats available are high back boosters, which feature a backrest and allow children to sit more securely whilst reducing the chance of the seatbelt being incorrectly fitted.

Whilst a date of December 2016 has been suggested for these new car seat laws to come into action, the final details of this legislative change are yet to be decided.

In the mean time you can find out more information regarding the new car seat laws by visiting the Department for Transport website. 

Early years practitioners can also browse our resources section for relevant materials which have been created to ensure children are kept safe both inside and outside of your nursery setting.



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