Introducing An Easy Way To Keep Parents Informed

Good communication with parents is a critical focus for professional nurseries and childcare settings. And one thing parents are always curious about is what their child has been doing during the day.

Questions will vary from parent to parent but common ones include:

  • Did they eat their lunch?

  • How much sleep did they have?

  • Has she sat on the potty?

  • What activities have been keeping them busy?

  • How quickly did they settle? Etc.

The challenge for the Key Worker is trying to remember all the details for each child they are responsible for. No easy feat considering the busyness of the day, what they miss during their break times and the fact that other nursery staff may have spent more time with an individual depending on what activities a child has chosen.

But despite these difficulties, the fact remains that parents still want and even expect to learn this information. And for good reason:

  • They want to know how their child has been in their absence

  • A shorter than usual nursery sleep could explain a child's grumpiness at home

  • A child may be really hungry at tea because they didn't enjoy their lunch

  • The fact they've used the potty at nursery may spur a parent on to persevere at home etc.

So how do you ensure parents are given this important information without overloading your Key Workers?

Use feedback forms

The answer is to use pre-printed forms that key workers and other nursery staff can complete for each child. Simply create a template that contains all the key information parents expect to know (and that you want to collect). And whilst you can leave some space for free writing, remember the reporting process will be made that much quicker if you use tick boxes. However, the key downside of such pre-printed forms is the cost to keep printing them, and the ease to which they can get lost or misplaced. Fortunately there is a more effective solution...

Introducing personalised Communication Diaries from Nursery Resources.

Our Communication Diaries offer a practical and professional way to keep parents informed whilst minimising your paperwork. Unlike pre-printed forms which can look untidy and get lost, the diary builds into a log over a number of months which parents may like to keep.

The Communication Diaries are A5 in size, contain 12 form-style pages and last approximately six months for a child attending full time. They are also spiral bound and even have a full-gloss front cover. And at a cost of just £2.00 each, they could prove significantly cheaper than printing your own (especially when you take into account labour as well as printing costs). In addition, for a small fee, the diaries can be completely customised to suit the needs of your childcare setting. 

Customisation can include:

  • Adding your nursery name, logo and contact details along with any additional information you identify.

  • Re-designing the reporting form just for you, meaning there's no compromising on the feedback. You can get exactly the content you need to communicate effectively with your parents.

It's really easy to order communication diaries for your nursery or childcare setting. Simply choose your preferred diary, then follow the ordering instructions. Alternatively, give us a call on 01733 898108 and we'll be happy to assist you. Streamline your paperwork and cut your printing costs today.

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