Getting Ready for September's Changes

Many changes are planned for this September. Below is a summary of the planned changes to help with your preparation. 

  • New Ofsted Common Inspection Framework

It has been confirmed by Ofsted that a new Common Inspection Framework will be introduced across the whole education sector from September 2015. This will affect all early years settings on the Early Years Register.  This change follows Ofsted’s consultation ‘Better inspection for all’ which ran from October to December 2014 (you can read the outcomes of this by clicking here ). 

The new Common Inspection Framework and all relevant handbooks will be published in the summer term 2015. Nursery Resources will be following this closely to ensure you are updated as more information becomes available.

  • The Integrated Review – creating a complete picture

We followed these consultations with much interest last year. Bringing together both the Early Years Progress Checks at age 2 and the Healthy Child Programme review which takes place age 2 to 2 ½,  the vision of the Integrated Review is not just to bring together early years professionals and health visitors, but to also allow parents and children to participate. The overall aim is to create an information sharing and integrated working relationship to support a child’s healthy development; creating a shared decision making process.  

When will the change happen?

The Integrated Review is to be implemented from September 2015. From this point, local authorities, health visitors and early years providers will be expected to bring the health and education reviews together for children at the age of 2 to 2 ½.  

How can we prepare?

A lot of guidance has been produced to help local authorities and early years providers start to plan for and implement models. The National Children’s Bureau (NCB) in conjunction with the Department of Health has also released guidance on how the new review should be carried out. Importantly they have also included advice on the possible models that could be used by early years providers, including the pros and cons to the different types.  You can access this guidance by clicking here.

Your Local Authority will also be able to provide guidance on how to prepare for September.

Nursery Resources will publish more information about the Integrated Review as information becomes available. We are also developing our own Integrated Review model, which is currently being tested by childcare professionals. This will be available ahead of September. 

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