The Integrated Review - Are You Ready?

The Integrated Review – are you ready?

Over the last 12 months we have been following with much interest as more information becomes available regarding the Integrated Review. 

While many settings are preparing for it, there are many who have not been given much information from their local authority, and consequently there appear to be large variations in what everyone is doing.

We’ve put together a handy fact-file to help you access the facts…

What is the Integrated Review?

Bringing together both the Early Years Progress Check at age 2 and the Healthy Child Programme review which takes place age 2 to 2 ½,  the Integrated Review will help to combine both of these reviews to produce a complete picture of the child, as well as ensuring for effective communication between childcare practitioners, health visitors, parents and carers.

Working in partnership

The review will bring together:

  • Parents’ views and concerns about their child’s progress
  • Early years practitioners’ knowledge of the child’s development, as well as information from observations carried out within the EYFS setting
  • Knowledge from the health visitor – covering a review of the child’s health

Childcare professionals and health visitors are to integrate their reviews from September 2015. However, it is not a requirement – as explained in the National Children's Bureau’s (NCB) guidance, ‘health visiting services and early years providers will be expected to bring together health and early education reviews.’

How can we prepare?

A lot of guidance has been produced to help local authorities and early years providers start to plan for and implement models. The NCB in conjunction with the Department of Health has also released guidance on how the new review should be carried out. Importantly they have also included advice on the possible models that could be used by early years providers.  You can access this guidance by clicking here.

During 2013 the Department for Education and the Department for Health worked with five local authorities to pilot the Integrated Review. Further information including feedback can be accessed in the above NCB document. 

Your Local Authority will also be able to provide guidance on how to prepare.

How is Nursery Resources preparing?

Nursery Resources has developed its own Integrated Review model – there are two documents available which can be fully customised to meet your setting's individual requirements:

The Integrated Review - the Progress Check and Health Review combined

Progress Check with space for Health Visitor commentary

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