All About Me for Childminders
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All About Me Booklet for Childminders

All About Me gathers all the information a childminder needs to record about a new child including consent forms, emergency contact information and questions about daily routine – all in one place Full details »

Childminders use a lot of forms to collect necessary information about the children they are going to take care of. The All About Me booklet for childminders dispenses with the need for a different form or template for the various consent, permission and enrolment forms:

  • Questionnaire style, easy for parents to complete
  • Makes a record that covers the whole of the period a child is cared for
  • Includes emergency contact, medical and collection information
  • Gives a clear overview of a child’s pre child care routine
  • Attractive A4 booklet with laminated colour cover
  • Fantastic value compared to all the separate forms, sheets and templates that would be needed – save money on your printables!

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All About Me holds both essential consent, permission and contact details needed for child care, plus the background information that it is useful for a childminder to know before a child starts. Using the booklet means childminders don’t need separate forms for registration, enrolment, parental consent etc, which can be easy to lose – and hard to find when you need them!

The All About Me booklet for childminders includes:

  • Introduction – gives parents information on completing the questionnaire/forms
  • Child’s Details, including home life, emergency contact, medical history and medical contact
  • Daily Routine – organised according to the child’s age, there is plenty of space for parents to provide information on a child’s daily routine and their development so far.
  • General Parent Consent Forms – including photographs, face paint, display of work, video, emergency transport and treatment, first aid, outings and visits
  • Collection Consent Form – with space for details of four adults who may collect a child, including space for photos
  • Sun Cream Consent Form
  • Parental Information – space for parents to give other information relevant to the care of their child

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